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Reflective Decal

Reflective Decal

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This Reflective is a glass-beaded, retro-reflective vinyl film that renders excellent reflectivity at night. This series is for fleet and vehicle markings where riveted and corrugated surfaces may be required. It is highly resistant to the extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid weathering conditions. 


Flat Surfaces, Simple Curves, Rivets and Corrugations Best results are obtained when applied to flat surfaces and simple curves, but this material may be used over rivets and corrugations with careful application. Transfer tape is always recommended to limit possible damage caused by over stretching.


Minimum Application Temperature is 60°F The minimum application temperature applies for: graphics, substrate and environment. This material should be stored, processed and applied at or above the minimum temperature. Temperatures below the minimum may cause the film to become less flexible with a less aggressive adhesive. Temperatures above the minimum may cause the film to become more flexible with a more aggressive adhesive. Storing, processing or applying this material in either situation may cause material failure.

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